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Attending American Water Summit 2017

EDICAD v3.8 now available!

New DC Power Supplies: EDIPureSource


SnowPure sells only to carefully selected and qualified OEMs, focusing on established and reputable system integrators in pure water markets. As part of the OEM relationship, SnowPure and its distributors provide training, sales, and technical support.



SnowPure's EDI, UV, and GTM technologies are used to comply with USP/JP/EP standards for PW (Purified Water) and WFI (Water for Injection). These technologies replace or complement traditional non-membrane processes like distillation.



Combined-cycle power plants and all high pressure steam turbines require high-pressure water, free of silica. SnowPure's EDI and GTM products replace traditional chemical based resin systems, making an all-membrane process.



High-technology industries use pure water in their manufacturing. SnowPure's purification components help our OEMs build and sell pure water systems to semiconductor, electronics, glass lens, and flat panel display industries.


SnowPure Water Technologies

SnowPure manufactures and supplies an array of water purification and process components to system integrators in 55 countries. With decades of exporting experience and industry knowledge, SnowPure works closely with OEMs to help optimize system design and performance. Our technical expertise helps guide customers before, during, & after sales.

SnowPure’s Products

SnowPure’s products are used worldwide across multiple industries and in a variety of processes. Our technologies include: Electrodeionization (EDI), Power Supplies, Nanofiltration (NF), Ultrafiltration (UF), Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ion-Exchange Membranes (IXM), Electrodialysis (ED), Ultraviolet (UV), and Gas-Transfer Membranes (GTM).