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History of EDI and Electropure

History of Electrodeionization

In 2023 SnowPure celebrates the 46th anniversary of Electropure EDI! Here is the History of Electrodeionization:

Electrodeionization EDI SnowPure History

It started with a prototype

In 1977 Harry O’Hare began experimenting with electrodeionization (filled-cell ED), and created the first working EDI prototype. SRI (Southern Research Institute) tested the prototypes for O’Hare. This groundbreaking work in electrodeionization led to the founding of HOH Water Technology in 1979. HOH applied for the first EDI patents in 1981. The US Patent office issued these in 1984, preceding the Millipore/Ionpure patents by two years. A wide variety of EDI prototypes were designed and tested during the EDI product development years of 1981 to 1989, including cylindrical EDI in a pressure vessel. With its new electrodeionization technology launched, the company went public in 1987.

Electropure was born

In 1996 HOH changed its name to Electropure and began aggressively marketed the EPM EDI product line. This EDI became popular with a number of the “early adopters” in the pure water industry. Electropure licensed its electrodeionization technology to Glegg Water in 1994, enabling Robert Glegg to develop E-Cell EDI. This is now Suez Water’s EDI technology.

Continued innovation

In 1998 Electropure finished development of its Excellion ion exchange membranes and production process. We developed the XL product line in 1999, using the new patented membrane technology.

The next step

2004 marked the introduction of the Electropure XL-HTS (High Temperature Stable) electrodeionization product line. We expanded our EDI product line again in 2005 with the introduction of Zapwater EDI for laboratories. SnowPure, a private corporation, formed in 2005 via a management buyout of Electropure’s EDI division. In 2006 SnowPure embarked on an aggressive expansion in China, and opened its sales office in Shanghai.

Celebrating our past, building our future

In 2007 SnowPure launched the XL-R improved industrial EDI product line. SnowPure International was formed in Hong Kong in 2008. The next year was highlighted by the addition of a revolutionary low-energy, compact UV product to the SnowPure line. In 2011 SnowPure launched the EXL EDI series worldwide, then opened a global production and logistics facility in China.

We are actively working to add technologies that make electrodeionization work better. For example: EDI for Hemodialysis water which also removes endotoxins. Also, technologies for reducing silica further for semiconductor and power generation. An example of this is the new ExcellPureRO, the highest silica rejection membrane available. Now we also offer 3M’s Liqui-Cel membrane degassing technology.

SnowPure continues to create new innovations while expanding its world market presence in the pure water industry.

*Note: in 2005 Electropure Inc (public, ELTP) was renamed to Micro Imaging Technology Inc (now traded under MMTC). Shareholders of ELTP are now shareholders of MMTC. SnowPure is a privately held corporation.