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About Us

Since our inception in 1979 SnowPure has been focused on one thing: providing innovative ultrapure water technology products.

These products include Electropure™ electrodeionization (EDI), Zapwater™ EDI, Excellion™ ion-exchange membranes, innovative ultraviolet (UV) devices, ED, GTM, DC power supplies, and components for high-purity water systems.

Harry O’Hare founded the company as an innovator of water products serving the ultrapure water market. Today we continue his vision as an independent, private company by selling our products to Pure Water System Integrators (OEMs) around the world. SnowPure continues to develop and supply components for its customers, who in turn sell full systems for a common success.

SnowPure is dedicated to providing our OEMs comprehensive training, both at the beginning of our relationship and into the future as we add new products and technologies. We also offer our customers marketing support with educational and promotional materials.

Global Reach

SnowPure sells its products in over 70 countries worldwide, and has established global sales offices, distributors, and service centers in:

  • SnowPure Water Technologies (Worldwide HQ (Headquarters))
  • Hong Kong (SnowPure International)
  • China Sales Office
  • Middle East Sales Office
  • Asia Distributors
    • India
    • Japan
    • Korea
  • Europe Distributors
    • Germany
    • Sweden, Finland, Norway, Baltics
    • Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia
    • Ukraine

Innovative Products

Our Electropure™ and Zapwater™ EDI products are installed in ultrapure water systems worldwide in many applications including pharmaceutical, power generation, industrial, and laboratory environments.

In addition to EDI, we provide other ultrapure water products including: IXM (ion-exchange membranes), UV (ultraviolet), ED (electrodialysis), and GTM (gas-transfer membrane) products.

If you have questions about SnowPure or any of our products, please contact SnowPure.