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Pharmaceutical Pure Water

SnowPure has been providing EDI technology to the pharmaceutical and medical markets since 1977. We have installations in over 70 counties including the United States, India, Europe, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia.

Our EDI and UV products are integral components in installations that require complying with the harmonized USP (US Pharmacopoeia), JP (Japanese Pharmacopoeia), and EP (European Pharmacopoeia) standards for PW (Purified Water) and WFI (Water for Injection).

These products can also be used in the preparation of dialysate for hemodialysis (kidney dialysis). Our EDI-based approach dialysis product has been developed to significantly reduce endotoxins, XL-DER, while deionizing the water for hemodialysis.

SnowPure’s technologies can be used to replace or complement traditional non-membrane processes like resin deionization and distillation. By utilizing EDI in the water purification process, improved performance at a reduced cost can be achieved.

SnowPure’s products used in these applications are: