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EDI: Complementary Technology to Portable Exchange DI (PEDI)

Simplified, Value-Priced EDI A Complementary Technology to Portable Exchange DI (PEDI) Today, ultrapure water is a primary concern for water treatment companies who service critical applications such as Laboratory and Pharmaceutical. Applying the right technology for the customer’s needs, while remaining competitive and realizing a reasonable profit, can be more than a challenge. EDI Value … Read more

SnowPure Water at Aquatech Mexico September 2018

SnowPure Water Technologies has the prime position in the USA Pavilion (booth 615) at the upcoming Aquatech Mexico exhibition, September 4-6, 2018. We will discuss electrodeionization (EDI), RO membranes for dealing with high silica feedwaters, DC power supplies, and pharmaceutical, laboratory, hospital and hemodialysis, and power generation applications. The 2017 exhibition was a success, and … Read more

FCE is Important for EDI Electrodeionization System Performance

EDI, Why FCE is Important for Electrodeionization System Performance The performance of electrodeionization (EDI) systems depends upon several key feed water constituents. When these constituents are considered together a Feed Conductivity Equivalent, or FCE may be determined. For an electrodeionization system to operate properly, the feed water must be high-quality Reverse Osmosis (RO) permeate. An … Read more

Electrodeionization is a Continuous Process

Unlike mixed bed DI, electrodeionization (EDI) is continuous. Because electrodeionization is continuous there are no spikes in quality as when mixed beds are changed for batch regeneration. An additional benefit for EDI users is that there is no concern about the timing of changing batches, or planning for the eventual breakthrough of ions in the … Read more