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EDI Projections

SnowPure offers its OEM customers software for developing EDI projections based on its Electropure XL product line.  The software is called EDICAD.

EDICAD is available on request from SnowPure.  When a system’s requirements and feedwater properties are entered into EDICAD, the software will:

  • Predict DI water product quality, including silica
  • Predict pressures, amperage, power, and operating cost
  • Provide warnings about potentially damaging conditions
  • Teaches by suggestion on how to optimize the system’s performance
  • Enables color printouts for formal proposals


Feedwater can be given either in full water analysis terms (ppm of species), or as a macro estimate (pH and feed conductivity).

It is Microsoft® Excel-based, with macros, and has:

  • Input (system and feedwater)
  • Report (results, warnings, suggestions)
  • Diagram (graphical representation of the results)
  • Summary (up to 4 different cases)
  • Troubleshooting page
  • Instruction page (manual)

EDICAD3 is the newest version of our projection software and now offers:

  • Projections for high-flow EXL series and all other XL EDI products
  • OEMs may now choose from 3 different RO systems
  • New formatting to enhance data entry
  • Email troubleshooting
  • Built-in EDI product brochures

Current version is EDICAD v3.8 — Download brochure

Request EDICAD from SnowPure today!