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Electropure EDI Benefits

Benefits and Advantages of Electropure Electrodeionization

SnowPure intentionally uses technologies in its products that minimize maintenance and maximize module lifetime.

There are three key advantages in Electropure Technology. These enable Electropure EDI to have higher efficiency, and longer life with less maintenance and fewer problems.

  1. Thin-Cell Technology – Electropure EDI has always had the advantage of thin cells. In EDI, there is a physical competition to drive ions horizontally out of the cell before they leave the top of the cell. Electropure XL cells are 4mm wide, as compared to Ionpure® and E-Cell® which have cells about 10mm wide. This allows quality and higher efficiency.
  2. Thin-Concentrate Technology – Electropure EDI uses a very insert screen, about 700 microns thick. It is made up of very thin woven fibers. This design creates turbulence at the membrane surface, keeping the membrane surfaces clean and close to pH 7, preventing fouling and scaling. The thin design also keeps the current low. Electropure avoids the use of a “filled concentrate” which can foul. The all-filled design was patented by O’Hare in 1891, but was rejected because of its long-term problems
  3. Non-fouling Electrode Technology – Electropure EDI uses a proprietary design which keeps the electrodes always on the acidic side, preventing scaling in the electrodes. It also uses a special anode technology to limit the production of chlorine, which lengthens the life of the EDI module.

With these technologies, scaling in Electropure EDI systems is extremely rare. EDI module lifetime is designed be long (longest life seen so far is 15 years).

Thin-Cell Technology
Thin-Concentrate Technology