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OEM Customers

SnowPure sells EDI modules to qualified OEMs and pure water system integrators. Because SnowPure only sells the components for ultrapure water systems, and not the systems themselves, we do not compete with the OEMs we serve. We carefully select and qualify OEMs, focusing on established and reputable pure water system companies.

We require all our OEM customers to complete a free, onsite training course which covers all aspects of EDI. Completing this training is the first requirement for qualification as a prospective OEM customer.

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Started in 1977, SnowPure has a long history of serving our ultrapure water OEM customers with high-quality products. Our main mission is to provide water purification technology components to system integrators. Our product lines includes Electropure™ electrodeionization (EDI), Zapwater™ EDI, Excellion™ Ion-Exchange Membranes, innovative energy-saving ultraviolet (UV) devices, Liqui-Cel® GTM for removing CO2, DC power supplies, and options such as flow switches and instrumentation.

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We have established an end-user referral system and OEM support system to help increase customer system sales. We do not sell water-purification systems and do not sell directly to end-users, but instead we market and sell water technology components to OEMs whose systems are sold to end-users. We support our customers, we do not compete with them.

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OEM customers’ primary applications for pure water systems include power generation, pharmaceutical, laboratory and industrial applications.

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