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ediPureSource™ DC Power Supplies for EDI

DC Power for EDI, Designed by SnowPure

ediPureSource™ is the Perfect Simple Solution

SnowPure sells economic high-quality electronic switchmode DC supplies. Designed for EDI, we include open-closed contact interlocks for flow switches and pressure switches to protect your EDI. And they include outputs for panel displays and PLCs.  SnowPure works with several electronics manufactures to simplify their DC supplies. Only what is needed for EDI is included. Perfect for EDI. In stock.

ediPureSource Perfect DC Power for EDI

Voltage Control vs Current Control:

Voltage control is superior to current control for EDI. Voltage is the driving force to remove charged ions from your water. Current is the result, and will be proportional to how many ions you remove. If you set the DC voltage, then the EDI system will automatically react to changes in feedwater, in RO performance, and in temperature. If you use current control, then you must constantly “recalculate” what the optimum current is, from season to season, and as the RO permeate changes. SnowPure highly recommends using Voltage Control.

A detailed explanation of “Voltage Control” can be found here.

Importance of the Interlock:

EDI modules will melt if you supply electrical power without water flow. This is one of two common EDI field failures. SnowPure recommends the use of flowswitches and pressure switches, even PLC logic to protect the EDI. The DC power supply interlock is the simplest way to protect your EDI system. With a flowswitch wired to our open-close contact interlock, if the flow stops the flowswitch will open, and the DC voltage will go to zero. multiple flowswitches and pressure switches can be wired in series to this interlock. Contact SnowPure for typical wiring diagrams and to purchase flowswitches.

DC Technologies, Switchmode vs Rectifier:

In olden days, AC power could be rectified with diodes, and AC ripple reduced with capacitors. Today, electronic switchmode technology converts AC to DC to make a stable, regulated, low-ripple DC source. Read more here.

Contact SnowPure for more information on our ediPureSource DC supplies.