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Excellion by SnowPure

SnowPure’s Excellion ion-exchange membranes are uniquely designed for e-coat paints, electrodialysis (ED), electrochemical separations, deionization processes, and are used in SnowPure’s own electrodeionization (EDI) modules.


  • Made with a non-solvent process so there is zero residual solvent
  • All materials are FDA CFR-21 compliant (statement available by request)
  • Polypropylene binder
  • Patented process: US6,503,957 and US6,716,888 plus foreign patents

Uses and Applications

  • Electrodeposition paint processes (anode and cathode protection); Excellion has been approved by ACT Laboratories for PPG’s e-coat paints
  • Electrodialysis ED (salt separation)
  • Electrochemical separations
  • Deionization of whey, antifreeze, and other process streams
  • Including many more markets and applications

Standard Products:

  • Cation: I-100 (Strong acid functionality, supplied Na+ form)
  • Anion: I-200 (Strong base, Type 1 functionality, supplied as Cl- form)

For Excellion technical specifications click Excellion Specification Sheet.

Excellion Custom

  • SnowPure will custom-formulate and manufacture ion-exchange membranes

Contact SnowPure for information regarding special applications and products.


Membranes are key components of today’s high-technology chemical-free water and process separations. Our ExcellMembranes products can be deployed across many markets and process applications.