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ExcellNano NF by SnowPure

SnowPure’s ExcellNano process nanofiltration (NF) membranes are uniquely designed for special process separations.


  • Unique 2- or 3-layer chemistry
  • Smooth, hydrophilic thin-film PA microscopic surface
  • Less fouling
  • Spiral-wound or flat-sheet

Uses and Applications

  • Separate divalent ions from monovalent ions
  • Separate organic from aqueous salt streams
  • Separate proteins from supernatant
  • Purify acids for reuse

Standard Products

  • SXN2-K
  • SXN2-L
  • SXN3-K
  • SXN3-L

For ExcellNano technical specifications for ExcellNano NF-2 & ExcellNano NF-3

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Membranes are key components of today’s high-technology chemical-free water and process separations. Our ExcellMembranes products can be deployed across many markets and process applications.