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High Purity Filters – 3M Betafine XL

3M Betafine XL High Purity Absolute Micron Rated Filters

SnowPure sells 3M’s Betafine high purity filter cartridges. 3M Betafine XL filters are ideal for food/beverage, ultrapure water, electronics. And Betafine filters are CFR 21 compliant. 3M’s APT pleating technology gives high surface area, long life, and low pressure drop.

High Purity, Absolute Rated Micron Filter Cartridges

Cartridges range from 10 to 40 inches long, are rated from 0.2 um (micron) to 40 um (micron) absolute, and have a wide range of end configurations and seal materials. See 3M’s Betafine site.

0.2 micron 0.5 micron
1.0 micron 2.5 micron
5 micron 10 micron
20 micron 40 micron






B: Spear with 226 O-ring

C: Spear with 222 O-ring

F: Flat End with 222 O-ring

D: Double Open End

R: with SS Spring

Seal Materials: Silicone, EPR, PE, FEP/PFA-encapsulated

Construction: Betafine™ XL series filters feature 100% PP Polypropylene filter cartridge construction. This provides chemical and thermal compatibility (up to 80C) in many demanding process fluid applications. Betafine XL filters are constructed from continuous micro-fibers that provide a uniform matrix and minimize shedding.

3M’s Advanced Pleat Technology (APT):

Pleated filters may offer a large gross surface area, but only part of the surface area is usable when the media is packed too tightly into the cartridge – resulting in both flow restrictions and limited contaminant holding capacity. The “blind” or unusable area commonly occurs near the inside diameter, where the pleats are packed most tightly. The 3M Betafine™ XL Filter Cartridges feature 3M’s Advanced Pleat Technology (APT) design for extended service life. This design maximizes the useful surface area while maintaining open flow paths between media pleats.

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