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Unique UV Products

SnowPure sells 2 unique UV products: “Innovative UV” and “Smart UV”

SnowPure’s “Smart UV” Systems

Smart UV has an “Advanced UV Controller”, “Phone App Remote Monitoring”, and Coded/Locked UV Bulbs that only the OEM can refill. Click Here for more Information. SnowPure stocks its Smart UV.

Smartphone APP for Remote Monitoring
Advanced UV Control & Monitoring











SnowPure’s “Innovative UV” Systems

Innovative UV has 99% Internal UV Reflection leading to 75% Energy Savings and 80% Fewer Bulbs; therefore very Compact Systems. Click Here for more Information. SnowPure is a Neotech Distributor.

ReflexUV Innovative UV
ReflexUV from Neotech is Innovative

UV Technology

For more on the Technology of UV Click Here.