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Smart UV Ultraviolet Products

SnowPure sells “SMART” UV products for 254nm disinfection.

Advanced UV Control & Monitoring
Advanced UV Control & Monitoring
Smartphone APP for Remote Monitoring
Smartphone APP for Remote Monitoring

Smart UV Ultraviolet Products

SnowPure sells “SMART” UV products for 254nm disinfection. These are normal 30 mJ/sqcm UV reactors with SMART controls, sensors, alarms, and a smartphone APP for monitoring. TOC products (185 nm) are also available. Reactors are polished 316L stainless steel.

Includes continuous UV monitoring in addition to lamp status monitoring, system diagnosis, and potential fault codes all on a color interface with a “future-proof” expandability port.

Key benefits to SnowPure Smart UV products

The benefits to our Smart UV products include:

  • Information, including the UV Concierge smartphone APP and remote 4-20mA signal.
  • Control, including lamp output/condition and lamp-out indication.
  • Bulb replacement only through our OEM customer. Counterfeit bulbs are prohibited. A key is shipped with each bulb so that OEMs can control bulb sourcing.
  • 4 electrical plugs are available for different world regions (US, Europe, etc.).

UV Wavelength

Products can be configured with:

  • 254 nm, for disinfection
  • 185 nm, for TOC reduction (ask for quote)
  • Disinfection flow specifications for 16 mJ/sqcm, 30 mJ/sqcm, and 40 mJ/sqcm

Product Information

For UV product information click here.

For UV technology description and benefits, click here.

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UV Reactors




@ 30 mJ/sqcm


@ 40 mJ/sqcm


90-265 VAC



SPUV6-5 4 gpm 3 gpm 20W 3.5 x 12 IN
SPUV6-10 10 gpm 7 gpm 38W 3.5 x 17 IN
SPUV6-15 15 gpm 11 gpm 57W 3.5 x 20 IN
SPUV6-25 25 gpm 19 gpm 73W 3.5 x 27 IN
SPUV6-40 40 gpm 31 gpm 115W 3.5 x 41 IN




Smart UV Accessories & Options



4-20 mA Module SPUV6-O420 Provides 4-20mA signal for remote monitoring. To be hardwired to data collection.
Remote Alarm Module SPUV6-ORAM Provides Remote Alarm (Dry Contact) capability. To be hardwired to alarm.
Solenoid Control Module SPUV6-OSOL1 Provides solenoid control, NC solenoid closes at NO UV or low UV intensity.

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