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ExcellPureRO™ High Silica Rejection RO

ExcellPureRO™ High Silica Rejection Reverse Osmosis

Most commercial RO is not optimized for Silica and Boron rejection…ExcellPureRO™ is! We use the best flat sheet membrane in the world with the highest Si and B rejection in the world.

SnowPure’s ExcellPureRO™ membrane elements are uniquely designed for high rejection of silica (SiO2). Achieving low silica in the RO permeate is important for many applications, including electrodeionization (EDI) feedwater. We have matched these SXR™ membrane elements to specific Electropure™ EDI modules.

High Silica Rejection Membrane Elements (2.5″ & 4″ & 8″)

Many potable waters from surface sources contain naturally low levels of silica (4-8 ppm), but volcanic areas like Japan and Mexico contain 20-100 ppm, and many groundwater sources in the Middle East have high levels of SiO2 naturally. High silica causes problems when purifying water. Hence, membranes with high rejection of soluble silica (SiO2) are valuable for producing ultrapure water.

Standard and low energy (LE) reverse osmosis (RO) membranes do not reject silica well, often only 97-98%. Special membranes (ExcellPureRO™) have been developed to reject silica over 99.2%.

SnowPure recommends using Avista Vitec® 4000 with ExcellPureRO membranes to prevent silica scaling. With Vitec® 4000, you can achieve up to 325 ppm SiO2 in the RO concentrate.


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