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MVR Evaporative Technology

MVR Technical Principles

Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) is a proven energy-saving evaporative concentration technology, which reduces evaporation energy use by 90% or more.

MVR Thermodynamic Cycle

MVR uses energy recovered from the condensate to create a pure liquid distillate and a concentrated product/waste.

• From Boyle’s law it is known for a gas that PV/T (Pressure * Volume / Temperature) is constant (PV/T=K). During compression of vapor, the pressure and temperature increase. From this, the heat energy can be reused.

• The energy normally lost in the compression is recovered, leading to a highly-efficient evaporation process.

• Since this compression is realized by a simple mechanical compressor, the process is called MVR.

MVR Process Diagram











MVR Technical Characteristics

• MVR technology uses the generated vapor for heat instead of expensive heat sources
• MVR technology does not require a cooling tower, greatly reducing the use of cooling water
• MVR technology is more efficient than traditional multi-effect evaporation technology saving energy and reducing operating costs
• MVR technology is truly energy-saving, water-saving, environmentally-sound, and helps with resource recycling
• MVR technology achieves low-temperature evaporation, greatly reducing the impact on your material
• MVR technology system structure is simple, fully-automated, with continuous operation
• MVR systems consist of an evaporator, a vapor compressor, separators, pumps, piping, instrumentation, and electrical control components
• MVR systems can be designed around simple evaporators or sophisticated falling film tube evaporators
• MVR systems can use simple vapor compression or sophisticated roots pumps
• MVR systems can have low liquid holdup, or be larger volume tank systems
• MVR systems can achieve a variety of % evaporation, process design and fluid composition will determine this

MVR Applications

MVR energy-saving, low-temperature evaporation technology replaces simple evaporators. MVR is widely used in many applications, including:

ZLD Zero Liquid Discharge for industrial wastewater treatment
Chemical industry for evaporation, crystallization, and purification
Salt brine concentration
RO brine concentration
Beverage industry (milk, juice, sugar, etc.) concentration
Food industry (MSG, soy, protein, sugar) concentration
Pharmaceutical industry (medicines, vitamins) concentration