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Electropure™: Electrodeionization

“Electropure EDI is Simple EDI.”

SnowPure’s Electropure EDI products are used worldwide in ultrapure water systems in a diverse range of applications, including pharmaceutical, semiconductor, power generation and laboratory pure water systems.

Electrodeionization (EDI) is a process by which an electric field is used to remove ions and polar species from an aqueous stream. EDI is used with reverse osmosis to replace ion exchange resin-mixed beds, which require onsite or offsite chemical regeneration.

By eliminating resin regenerating chemicals, EDI delivers significant economic and environmental benefits. EDI’s continuous process improves water quality by reducing water quality spikes and upsets.

SnowPure sells EDI modules to qualified OEMs and pure water system integrators. Because SnowPure only sells the components for ultrapure water systems, and not the systems themselves, we do not compete with the OEMs we serve.

SnowPure also offers a free EDI training course for customers, which covers all aspects of Electrodeionization, ranging from fundamental principles and system design considerations to hands-on operation. Completing this training is the first requirement to become a Qualified SnowPure OEM customer.

Call SnowPure to request technical literature, or visit one of our downloads pages for a variety of articles and manuals.

Electropure EDI:

  • Enables a simpler system (no concentrate recirculation)
  • Produces ultrapure water (up to 18
  • Eliminates regeneration chemicals
  • High recovery, up to 99%
  • Single unit capacities ranging from 1/4 gpm to 35 gpm (50 l/hr to 8 m3/hr)
  • Multiple unit arrays up to 6000 gpm (1400 m3/hr)
  • Compact, durable, long-lifetime patented design


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