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EDI: Complementary Technology to Portable Exchange DI (PEDI)

Simplified, Value-Priced EDI

A Complementary Technology to Portable Exchange DI (PEDI)

EDI for Dealers is now a reality. Ultrapure water is a concern for water treatment companies who service critical applications such as Laboratory and Pharmaceutical. You must apply the right technology for your customers’ needs, while remaining competitive and realizing a reasonable profit.

Simple Standardized SnowPure EDI System

EDI Value Proposition:

PEDI servicing can be expensive and can keep customers from contracting with you. Accounts that are far away (meaning costly truck trips back and forth to do exchanges) are one example. Customers may worry about offsite contamination from exchange DI, customers often will prioritize security, and many customers want to minimize service visit disruptions. SnowPure estimates that approximately 10% to 15% of PEDI accounts may benefit by cost-effectively using compact pre-engineered, pre-assembled, simple EDI systems.

A new avenue is finally open…simple value-priced RO/EDI.  SnowPure has six years of development and five years of application and product fine-tuning, with field feedback from water treatment professionals. By offering compact, simple, standard RO/EDI systems for rent, dealers see recurring revenue and rapid ROI with lower labor and operating costs.

Reverse osmosis (RO) followed by EDI (Electrodeionization a.k.a. CEDI or CDI™) is a reliable and time-proven solution. Critical applications such as Power and Pharmaceutical use EDI regularly. Custom fabricated EDI systems are not cost effective or competitive in the 1 to 7 GPM size range. In order to be competitive, EDI systems this size are now standardized, similar to the way that RO has now been standardized.

RO/EDI Performance and Cost:

The standardized simple EDI system produces continuous ultrapure water quality at recovery of 90%+ on a 24/7 basis. Weekly or monthly service visits can be replaced by quarterly customer sales visits. EDI costs pennies per day in electricity to operate, and no chemicals are required.

Simple High-Performance RO/EDI:

Foreseeing the market need for standardized commercial, light industrial EDI, equipment suppliers are working with SnowPure Water Technologies to build standardized simple 1 to 7 GPM EDI systems. These pre-engineered, pre-assembled EDI systems ship from stock.

SnowPure has also developed a high-performance RO membrane to optimize EDI performance. It offers high rejection, and is sized specifically to provide RO permeate at the right flow and pressure to the EDI system.

The standardized EDI system combines an Electropure™ EDI module with an economic 240VAC single-phase high performing DC power supply.  The “simple” EDI system has no valves, requires no operator adjustments, and starts automatically when RO delivers the proper flow and pressure. Hence, your RO controller controls the EDI system as well.

Similar to Portable Exchange DI, there is a 2 MΩ DI sensor with red/green indicator lights. Once the unit power switch is turned on, the indicator light turns green and the system is ready to start producing ultrapure water.

Water Treatment Companies are saying…

“Very good product. Dealers who have bigger DI clients are crazy to run PEDI back and forth,
especially when they are far away”

“More than happy with this technology.  I hope to sell more of them,
and love the price and support”

“We don’t do our own regens and so we can’t be competitive in the PEDI market without RO/EDI”

“Awesome!  The installation is 1.5 hours away and I have a five-year rental contract. The EDI more than meets my customer’s quality requirement every day, 24/7.  I was skeptical at first and
held-off for three years but all we were told turned out to be true”

In summary, simple RO/EDI can be an economical alternative whenever PEDI is not logically feasible – with recurring revenue, rapid ROI, and satisfied customers.

Dealer Benefits:

Expand your profitable radius. Eliminate trucking. Eliminate the labor expense of exchange. Eliminate the chemicals and cost of regeneration. And reduce the number of disruptions to your customer’s site. Simple value-priced RO/EDI can be the determining factor in successful startup, commissioning, and trouble-free operation or a costly shutdown and distant emergency service call.